How Smart technology can help you reach your goals

When you exert a lot of effort but are not sure how effective your fitness regimen is, it helps to know which fitness devices can give you that vital info you need to fine tune your routine. We asked Canadian fitness influencer and certified nutritionist Hussein Jaber for his tips on what tech innovations can help keep you informed and in form.

CWM: Hussein, what’s your top suggestion when it comes to fitness accessories?

HJ: I believe the smart watch has definitely made a huge impact on the fitness industry. It enables you to track and monitor your heart rate, you can track calories burned in every session, whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle mass.

One important benefit is that you can analyze every single workout and see if your performance level is increasing or decreasing and how you can improve it. You can easily transfer all the data to your phone and store it. There are many good brands out there; you need to check to see which offers all the options you need.

What is coming up on the horizon in the fitness industry?

Something that is creating some excitement is a new addition to InBody machines. This is a laser that can specifically identify where excess fat is stored in your body, and help target it with a possible reduction of up to 50%. The InBody machine has already revolutionized our approach to fitness and health by making detailed information so much more accessible.