Beeja in Zamalek

By: Mariam Elhamy

Beeja is a new spot in Zamalek, located in the Biota complex, (formerly Sequoia and Left Bank) which aims to be one of the best places to eat near people living in Central Cairo. Beeja is Hindi for ‘beginning’, an appropriate name given the rebirth of this much-loved corner of Zamalek. Future plans for Biota complex include a hairdresser, a gym and an all-day brunch eatery. Beeja’s menu offers Egyptian cuisine with a few Lebanese dishes, and could potentially be an option if you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot in Cairo.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled Beeja

Signature dishes include the Bechamel Pasta, Tajen Lesan Asfour with Meat Cubes, Tajen Okra with Meat Cubes, Oven Baked Rice with Pigeon and Oven Baked Rice with Chicken.

We made our way for iftar and ordered the set menu. For starters we had the soup of the day, Lesan Asfour, stuffed vine leaves, crispy Kobeba, fresh Baladi Salad and classic Tahini Salad.

Then, for the main dishes we tried the Djaj Mesahab and the Mixed Grill, which included kebab, kofta and shish tawook all well seasoned and juicy with a side of satisfying brown rice and potato wedges.

To wash it all down quenched with Ramadan drinks (hibiscus and sobia) and for dessert, we had Crème Caramel served with banana slices and caramel syrup, as well as Om Ali made of a soft ro’aa mixed with nuts, sweetened hot milk, topped with warm cream and pleasantly baked with a golden brown surface.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

Mini Shawerma, Mini Hawawshi, Mixed Meat Feteer, and Sweet Feteer and Zalabya for dessert.

Beverage options include hot and soft drinks, fresh juices and smoothies.

Décor & Ambience

The décor is clean and modern with a wild edge of nature to it, the seating area is really spacious and most tables have a clear view of the Nile. The Direct Nile view open area is decorated with huge potted wild trees and the indoor area is surrounded by transparent glass so that you can still see the view. The view is perfect at dawn time!

Clientele mix: Great for family gatherings, groups of friends and couples.

Price range: Moderate, the view is worth it.

Contact Information:

Address: Biota Complex, 53 Abou El Feda, Zamalek
Tel: 0103 002 3000 or 0103 002 2000

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