CWM: Tell us about your character and your views on the film.

Rania’s biggest wish in life is for people to let her be, to stop being judgmental and spreading rumors. She strives for acceptance, for who she is as a person, regardless of her actions. The film is not only about conflicts between different socio-economic segments of society, it’s also sheds light on internal conflicts people face themselves. I think the movie is a bit shocking, but I think it’s necessary to shock audiences and give them a dose of reality. The film discusses the duality that exists in judging people, why would you judge others for actions you or your own may do yourselves? I believe it confronts hypocrisy.

What do you hope audiences take away from the movie?

I hope each and every person who watches it takes something away from watching the film, whether it’s an intentional message in the film or not. I like leaving the judgment to the viewers, I wouldn’t impose on them. I’m happy enough to let the movie do the work.

Any personal goals or resolutions you wish you accomplish in 2019?

My goal for 2019 is that I achieve more of a work-life balance, because it’s not easy to do two full-time jobs at the same time – and I do consider being a good mother to my daughter a full-time job!