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chocolate chips recipes

9 Ways to Use Chocolate Chips in Your Recipes

Do you really need reasons to use chocolate chips in your recipes? Melt them, add them to your cookies and brownies or just pop...

5 Hummus Recipes That Are To Die For

International Hummus Day is the day we celebrate one of the greatest ingredients we use in many of our recipes. Being a rich source...
World Expo

Expo 2020 Dubai Welcomes Visitors from Every Corner of the Globe

With five months to go, Expo’s International Participants confident and committed to a World Expo that will unify, excite and inspire. World Expo Countries participating...
healthy food alternatives

Healthy Alternatives to All Your Favorite Foods with Nour El Ganzoury

It is easy to gain weight when you are not careful. The key to losing weight or maintain a healthy weight is not to...
outdoor furniture

Ideas for Outdoor Hammocks, Pots and Planters

It’s time to let our balconies bloom, and that means pots and planters. Go simple, or add an extra burst of color, the options...
Men's Spring Fashion 2021

Men’s Spring Fashion Trends 2021

Monochrome outfits secured their trendy spot last fall, so why not carry the fashion through to spring? You might want to mix it up...
spring fashion

Blending In With Nature: Spring Fashion Collection

As flowers and blossoms are welcoming spring, so shall we. Blend in with the festive nature of these ‘flower power’ inspired pieces and celebrate...

Find Out Your Signature Perfume Style

Sultry and exotic, soft and sensual, spicy and sporty? Or subtle and floral? Or maybe a combination that tantalizes and enigmatically announces your presence,...
The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Experience Egypt’s Diverse Culture at The Museum of Egyptian Civilization

By Farah ElAbd Located in El-Fustat, Cairo, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is currently the largest and most comprehensive museum in Egypt, spread over...