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watermelon recipes

7 Watermelon Recipes We Never Thought Would Taste So Good

National Watermelon Day comes at a great time exactly in the middle of the summer when it's watermelon on the beach season. For that...

Sax: Upscale Delights at The Address Golf Resort in Marassi

If, like us, you have been drooling in anticipation of the opening of Sax, your wait is over. Your foodie fantasies are now within...
Amr Reda

Move into Your New Shape with ‘Remove’ by Expert Amr Reda

If you are in the loop you must know at least a few people who have emerged from a cocoon of flab, slack muscles...

Sa7el on a Budget of EGP 300-a-Day: Yes! It’s Possible!

Here’s how you can have your best day ever in Sa7el, without breaking the bank and only spending EGP 300 or possibly less, fingers...

Chiringuito Resto-bar in Seashell: A Latin American-Mediterranean Infusion

The latest addition to the Sanctum Hospitality list of success stories, Chiringuito rolls out some of the most tantalizing bites and coolest cocktails on...
Pizza Recipe

Your Go-To Pizza Recipe By Crave

Speak the universal language of pizza when you learn to make your own dough! Top it any way you like, the possibilities are endless!...
Diwan Bookstore

More Summer Books Recommended By Diwan Bookstore

This summer Diwan Bookstore is taking us on a journey around the world, from the  Netherlands to India, New York City, Mexico, Tokyo and...
Mistiqa island

Mistiqa Island: Great Egyptian Food in La Vista Bay

While Sa7el is truly something to look forward to each season, there are some quintessentially Cairo ‘faves’ that we can’t help but feel nostalgic...
Coca Interiors

Coca Interiors Creates a Sa7el Summer Getaway in Almaza Bay

Think Sa7el… and the images of sea, sun and relaxation with family and friends are the first things to come to mind. Coca Interiors...