Ahead of her second solo exhibition at Samah Art Gallery in Galleria40, artist Lamiaa ElShabrawy us that “The Talk of Butterflies and the Chaos of the Universe” builds on the concept of the ‘butterfly effect’ in all its forms and reverberations. The exhibition examines and reflects upon the life cycle of the delicate butterfly, from her struggle to unbind herself from her cocoon and free her fragile wings. This dramatically inspiring moment of a biological process mirrors the moment when women embrace their need for freedom and emancipation.

CWM: Can you tell us more about how you approached this?

My work in the exhibition captures the path of any woman who changes her life journey to realize her active role in the world, which is primarily built on the weakest thing she owns. In this group, my second experiment, this relationship is monitored in formative binaries that link the butterfly wings, this delicate being, and women’s struggle with society in a reality that rejects, with all its power, to recognize their active role and effect.

What should we know about you?

I am a contemporary artist born in 1977, who graduated from the printed design division of the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2000.

What message do you seek to transmit?

In our daily lives, I have realized that there is an ongoing community dialog in defense of the important role that women play in our Arab societies from one side and one of the erroneous legacies of society’s view of women, now forcing us to struggle to return to what is self-evident and inherent right.

How would you describe your work?

My work is detailed and harmonious, and I have a clear interest in the inside of man rather than his appearance. This artistic philosophy has been the main feature of my work since my graduation.

My previous exhibitions include:

  • Individual exhibition in 2013 under the title “Mixed Senses”, Al Jazeera Center for the Arts, Al Zamalek.
  • Collective exhibitions and artistic workshops, including a collective exhibition in the opening of the new book exhibition headquarters in 2019, “Visual Reading in the Poems of Salah Jahin and Fuad Haddad”, Galerie Dy, 2019, Silk Screen workshop “Siwa Art Studios” in Al Jazeera Center for the Arts, El Zamalek, 2018.
  • “Visual Reading in Affify Mattar Poems” exhibition, Galerie Dy, 2017, the celebrative exhibition for “Luxor – Arab Culture Capital” in 2017, Artist Book Fair, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, 2016, Friends of Manial Palace Museum Society, Zamalek Art Gallery, 2016, National Graphic Exhibition Fourth Session, 2016, “Black and White II” exhibition, Al Jazeera Art Center, 2015, Graphic Gallery, Atelier Cairo, 2013, Twenty Second Youth Salon, 2011, Cordoba’s First Salon, Córdoba Gallery, 2011, El Bashair Gallery, the Hall of the Union of Artists, 1998, and Faculty of Fine Arts exhibition, main hall, 1998.

Venue: Samah Art Gallery, Galleria 40, Sheikh Zayed

Event date: 17th of November 2019