Amici Garden

If you have ever fantasized about chancing upon a relaxed, idyllic spot with a bouquet of dishes that cover your wildest ‘foodie’ dreams, then hey, those dreams have just become a reality.

Ticking all the boxes, with outdoor dining as well, which for us is an essential these days, Amici Garden is set to become our new amore.

Type of Cuisine: Contemporary fusion; a bit of everything: sushi, vegan, Mediterranean, burgers, sandwiches and breakfast.

Signature items: Breakfast Tray, Combo Basket, Grilled Chicken, Sushi Selection, Vegan Salad, Avocado Burger, Snow Crab Tartar, Lobster Sandwich.

What You Will Find

Amici Garden really nailed the concept of ‘something for everyone’. The selection of nicely presented menus has everything laid out in categories, making it easy to find whatever you’re in the mood for. Mind you, we could easily be sidetracked by anything, it all looks so tempting.

The signature items caught our attention, so our ‘short list’ is rapidly becoming a much longer one. We look forward to trying the Lime Grilled Salmon, and the Amici Chicken Roll with its combo of chicken breast, Emmental cheese, beef bacon and smoked turkey with blue cheese dip sounds delightfully filling.

Then we would head for our favorite, Om Ali, which hopefully would meet our high expectations.

Beverages: Wine, sangria and beer, with an inspired array of soft options as well, from coffees of all descriptions to mocktails, smoothies, and juices and more.

Worth knowing: Delivery is currently inside New Giza compound only, but soon with Talabat.

Contact information

Address: NewGiza compound

Opening hours: 9 am to 12 am, and 1 am on weekends

Tel: 0120 633 5733 – 0102 476 4480

Facebook: @amicigardeneg

Instagram: @amicigarden

Moxie at Garden 8 in New Cairo