By: Aliaa Elsheribini

Named after Italian Amaretti cookies, this dessert shop is here to fulfill your sweet cravings with a gourmet twist. Mai, the owner and baker, has been making the goodies from home since her return from the prestigious culinary school Le Cordon Bleu, and now she runs a booth in Arkan Plaza. We just had to try what everyone has been talking about, so we ordered some of their desserts, cookies, sumptuous cakes and more for home delivery.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Amaretti is known for its quality and for its bite sized goodies that come in a multitude of flavors and in two forms, round balls, the bombs, and rectangular ones, the tarts. Notably the signature desserts are the Lotus Cheesecake Bites, Lemon Meringue Tart Bites, Caramelized Pecan Tart Bites, as well as the Lotus Cheesecake.

We started off with the Lotus Bombs as a way to prime our palates for what was to come. The croquant exterior rapidly melted in our mouths, blending with the smoothness of the creamy Lotus inside. We now get why this is a crowd pleaser. We then went for the Lotus Cheesecake, which was very rich with ‘Biscoff’ flavor, perhaps so rich that it took away from the ‘cheese’ part. It felt more like a Lotus mousse with a biscuit base, but a very tasty one nonetheless.

The spicy cinnamon smell wafted up from the box calling our name to open it, so we did, to find one of the most aromatic cakes that we have ever tried, the Carrot Cinnamon cake. This classic dessert was nothing short of flavor heaven, with both the carrot in the cake and the cinnamon flavor fully present in the frosting. The cream cheese frosting infused and sprinkled with cinnamon softens the cake with each bite, blending the two together. This is a cannelle lover’s dream.

We couldn’t miss trying the Vanilla Sprinkles, and what a great decision that was. Amaretti has perfected the Vanilla Cake. A two-layer spongey vanilla cake with a creamy vanilla bean frosting, we were hugging clouds. Moist cake, smooth topping, and divinely creamy, the colored sprinkles gave it a fun look and added that little sugary crunch on top without overwhelming you with sugar.

What all of these different types of cake have in common is that they are made with quality ingredients. They are rich in flavor but not really dense, taking away any guilt we might have had in indulging in that much dessert. Maybe we went on a bit of a sugar bender but it was worth it.

Ease of Ordering

There are two ways of ordering that are equally as easy, through WhatsApp and through the website where all the desserts available are displayed with a description of each. You check the displayed menu, you click, you order then you receive. When we ordered through WhatsApp, Mai was extremely responsive.

Punctuality: We ordered in advance before the weekend delivery rush and everything arrived on time.

Food Temperature: The goodies arrived fresh out of the oven! The cakes were still warm and aromatic and the bombs were cool and chilled.

Presentation: Amaretti’s goodies arrived in one piece, still standing tall holding true to their perfectly round forms with only the Vanilla Sprinkles being a little smudged by the edge of the box.

Packaging Quality

The order arrived in its distinctive black and white box scotched up at the opening for extra safety making the packaging secure, however the cakes needed double packaging to protect their form and to avoid damage.

Hygiene Standards

The boxes were smart and clean but no other precautionary measures were taken by the delivery man. We would have liked to see a mask and gloves.

Other Delivery Options that Appealed

Amaretti also offers Brownie Bites in three flavors and a collection of uniquely flavored cookies like Pistachio Lemon and Brown Butter Chocolate Chip. We’ll be going for the cookies for our next order, just looking at the pictures makes us daydream.

Price Range: Affordable, good for the quality and quantity

Contact information:
Opening hours: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm
Address: Arkan Plaza, El-Bostan, Sheikh Zayed, Giza
Tel: 0114 933 7788