With so much new talent coming onto the scene, it might be hard to stay abreast of the latest artists capturing attention for their unique and thought-provoking visual work. Just to whet your appetite, here we go with work by artists we will definitely be following in the months to come.

Engie Ezeldin

Engie, also known as Jojja, is a 25 year old Egyptian multidisciplinary artist based in both
Cairo and New York City. She studied fine arts at Parsons the School Design in New York
and ever since graduating from the program, she has been moving between Cairo and New York, finding inspiration to feed into her body of work.

Her work relies on both illustration and animation. Her body of work is an extension to the thoughts, ideas and struggles that go through her head, the goal of the visuals she produces is to create a world where these struggles don’t exist, it’s the ideal world that the artist would love to live in.

Malak Kabbani

Malak Kabbani is an Egyptian/German photographer living and working in London. Her work includes portrait, fashion and documentary photography. Drawing influence from her environments, whether growing up in Cairo or living in London, she believes that especially within photography there must be an allowance for the natural to occur, rather than to be over planned. Away from the camera, she assists photographer David Bailey and has been doing so for the past 4 years.

Born in 1993 in Cairo, Kabbani moved to London to pursue her studies in fine arts at Central Saint Martins. With her background originally beginning in painting, she eventually pursued photography as a quicker visual language.

Mariam ElReweny

Mariam ElReweny is an Egyptian illustrator, based in Cairo. ElReweny graduated in 2017 from Faculty of Fine Arts at Helwan University, Egypt. She currently works as a freelance illustrator, working with both traditional and digital mediums to create both commercial and personal artwork.

Mohammed Jamal Bassiouni

Revered for his richly patterned body of work, Bassiouni invokes the full power of colors by pulling themes from nature and history and turning them into an intricate visual web. In addition to being intensely inspired by Ancient Egyptian art, Bassiouni’s work embodies the beauty of symmetry and the wondrous patterns of the universe. He works with a variety of mediums and challenges the viewer to take in all the details.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1993, Bassiouni holds a BFA (2016) with highest Honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Alexandria. In 2019, he completed his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the same university, where his thesis focused on Ancient Egyptian beliefs depicted in their art. In addition to his involvement in the rich art scene of his home city Alexandria, Bassiouni has participated in several group exhibitions in Cairo including The Circle in 2020, and Art Fair Dubai in the UAE.

Courtesy of TAM Gallery

Nelly El Sharkawy

Born in 1995 in Cairo, Egypt, Nelly El Sharkawy is an architect and ballerina who started exploring photography in 2011. She began shooting conceptual self-portraits in 2012, then fell in love with black and white photography.

El Sharkawy is fond of shooting street and architectural photography. Her work has been presented in group exhibitions at venues all around Egypt including Zamalek Art Gallery, B’sarya, TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, SOMA art school, TAM Gallery, Darb1718, SHNIT Cairo, DCAF, Kasr El Fenoun, Photopia Gallery at the Westown Hub Winter Festival, El Sawy Cultural Center and many others.

Courtesy of TAM Gallery

Nour El Glaly

Born in 1998, Nour El Glaly has participated in several exhibitions, including the Artists of Tomorrow exhibition at the Arts Academy in 2019, the Egypt Salon International Hurghada in 2020, the Delta Youth Salon 2020 and the third Dai Festival for Arab Youth 2020.

He has featured in TV interviews, including the Youth Today program. His work is at the Ministry of Culture and in international collections. El Glaly held a solo exhibition at the Cairo Opera House’s Musical Library Hall, in 2020 in addition to taking part in The Farouk Hosni Foundation Art Awards 2021 Exhibition.

Nour Abu Saada

Nour Abu Saada is an Alexandrian artist, born in 1997. She graduated in 2020 with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Alexandria. Her most recent project titled, “The Movement” is inspired by the expressiveness of physical movement, which can occur through major or minimal actions.

Apart from verbal expressions of emotions, Abu Saada often finds that the display of emotion through dynamic movement is overlooked. Her body of work portrays emotions emitted from each movement through the art of contemporary dance, as it allows the dancers the freedom to move with very little restriction and so many emotions, which perfectly encapsulates the concept portrayed by Nour.

Courtesy of TAM Gallery

Sahar Hamdy

Sahar Hamdy is a young Egyptian artist born in 1997. She graduated in 2020 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Oil painting department, Helwan University. Her most recent work is her graduation project which revolves around the idea of helplessness.

Her topic is inspired by personal experience that she witnessed where demanding pressures of life and society surrounding her led to this feeling of helplessness. This idea inspired the artist as she rearticulated this sense of helplessness in a visual format.

Courtesy of TAM Gallery

Ziad Fayed

Ziad Fayed is an Egyptian emerging artist based in Alexandria, He works with different mediums, starting from drawing to murals, video installations and collage, Fayed is currently interested in society’s effect on gender and gender roles through literature.

His work is showcased across various platforms including TAM Gallery locations in Cairo and El Gouna, Egypt.

Courtesy of TAM Gallery

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