mall activities

Where do we go? I’m bored! I don’t feel like eating at a restaurant. The kids need to go out and play! Because we know you don’t always want to go out to a cafe or restaurant we’re shedding light on some other things to do at malls for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Dandy Mega Mall

Dandy Mall is home to two arcades full of games and activities to entertain kids, as well as a slew of things that will interest adults too. A bowling alley will keep players on their toes while Adrenalin Park takes its players to a different dimension with laser tag and virtual reality gaming.

Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia has great activities for all folks alike as this Ramadan will see people play football in make-shift pitches within the mall. No Ramadan is complete without great cuisine and lots of football, and Mall of Arabia has both covered. The mall also has the GMAX Reverse Bungy in the amusement park for a thrilling, fun experience.

Mall of Egypt

Mall of Egypt encompasses all the impressive things a mall should have, from great shopping experiences to activities to uplift anyone’s mood. This Ramadan, winter lovers will enjoy the frosty experience of Ski Egypt, Africa’s largest snow park, where they can ski and slide around in all the glorious snow and get to see penguins.

Walk of Cairo

You won’t want to miss out on visiting the Museum of Illusions at the Walk of Cairo. Seeing all the crazy illusions that play tricks on your eyes and mind is quite a puzzling experience!

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