Need to find a place to either board your beloved pet or give them some valuable socializing time? Check out these 8 spots in Cairo, Gouna and on the North Coast and explore your options for the facilities that best suit your furry friend!

Anubis K9 Facility, Cairo-Alex Rd.

Founded in 2010 by Khaled El Hiatmy and managed by Professor General Medhat El Hereshy, Anubis K9 Facility is one of the first professional K9 facilities in Egypt, and has become one of the leading contributors in the field in the Middle East.

Serving both the law enforcement sector and the private sector, Anubis K9 provides a wide range of services. With extensive experience in dog training and animal psychology, Anubis K9 offers carefully selected training programs, customized to every case and every owner’s lifestyle.

The five-star dog hotel has the biggest standard rooms in town (10 m2) and the biggest suites as well (20 m2), with exceptional medical care. You can leave your furry friend for long or short periods, and have access to daily live videos during play sessions, your dog will be walked twice a day. Taking care of your four-legged companion is a mission, providing the physical and mental exercises that keep him or her balanced while enjoying a happy life.

Location: Sakkara Road, Mansouria, Giza. (Beside Sakkara Country Club)

Pets accepted: Dogs

Food and special diet: Anubis Dog Hotel offers a wide range of special diets:

Active dogs’ diet: High animal protein of 32%, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbs. This is a tailor-made diet for dogs that are in training as they need special nutrition to perform the task with the required energy.

Senior dogs’ diet: As dogs age, they need a well-balanced diet with moderate levels of protein, 22% with more vitamins and minerals to support their immune system with easily digested components.

Veterinary support: Resident vet with daily check-up on all dogs.

Payments accepted: Cash, online payments, and debit or credit cards are accepted.

Main services:


Extra services:

-Pickup service
-Swimming sessions
-Treadmill sessions
-Agility sessions
-Medical showers

Contact Details:

WhatsApp: 0115 555 6500
Tel: 0109 128 9344
Facebook: anubisk9facility
Instagram: Anubisk9


British Cat Hotel  

Location: 11 Tag El Deen El Sobky, Heliopolis, Cairo.
Pets accepted: Cats
Food and special diet: Dry and fresh food.
Veterinary support: Full veterinary support.
Tel: 0100 544 9533 – 0100 634 4025
Facebook/Instagram: British Animal Hospital Heliopolis

British Dog Hotel

Location: Marioutia, near Khan Yusuf village.
Pets accepted: Dogs
Food and special diet: Dry and fresh food.
Veterinary support: Full veterinary support.
Special services: Camera surveillance for your dog online through your phone.

Facebook/Instagram: British Animal Hospital
Tel: 0103 3811218 – 0100 634 4025

Dubieland Pet Center – El Gouna

Location: El Gouna – Red Sea – Industrial Road

Pets accepted: Dogs only, all breeds accepted.

Food and special diets: Availability of fresh food prepared daily according to guest requirement. Availability of any dry food brand (Dubieshop pet store on site).

Veterinary support: Every Tuesday and Saturday vet on site. On call 24/7.

Contact Details:

Tel: 0122 090 0222
Facebook: Dubieland Pet Center
Instagram: #Dubieland

Eastwind Kennels – Cairo Branch

Locations:  Off 26th of July Corridor – Abu Rawash – 6th of October, Hyde Park Compound – New Cairo, Seashell – North Coast

Pets accepted: Dogs from 4 months to 9 years.

Food and special diets:  

Bring-your-own-food policy: This entitles you to send your dog’s regular food for the duration of his stay, along with any dietary supplements or requests you may have.

Veterinary support:

Giza:  Available from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm.

New Cairo:  Available on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

North Coast:  Available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday of each week – starting from July 2nd to September 12th, 2020.

Special services: Spa for wellness and fitness, Wash N’ Walk, Daycare, Training. 

Contact Details:

Tel: Giza – 0111 504 9999, New Cairo – 0101 936 9993, North Coast – 0111 905 6999
Facebook: eastwindtraining
Instagram: eastwindkennels

Hound’s Club Boarding Kennel, Cairo-Suez Rd

Location: Suez Road, Between Al Rehab and Madinaty.

Pets accepted: Dogs only, all breeds accepted.

Food and special diets: Premium dry food.

Veterinary support: On call 24/7

Contact Details:

Tel: 0122 221 5507

Kelabi Dog Boarding Center, Mariouteya

Location: Mariouteya  (Google Maps: Next to Al Reef Al Arabi.

Pets accepted:  Dogs, all breeds accepted, minimum age 4 months.

Food and special diets:  Bring your own food.

Veterinary support: Vet on call.

Special services:

-Air conditioned rooms
-Large suites
-Four spacious play yards
-Dog introduction and socialization
-Dog training and behavioral modification

Tel: 0120 302 1779
[email protected]
Facebook: kelabicairo
Instagram: kelabicairo


Tag House

Tag House offers a safe and fun environment for your dog, and strives to provide every comfort possible for your pet to ensure a positive healthy experience with a staff of experienced and trusted professionals.

Location: El Obour, Ahmed Orabi Association Line 5 South

Pets accepted: All dog breeds are welcomed.

Food and special diet: Fresh food and dry food.

Veterinary Support: Veterinary Clinic Inside Tag House Kennel

Special services:

– Daycare
– Dog training
– Play areas
–  Grooming salon
– Medical care
– Comfortable rooms
– Getting a dog

Contact info:

Tel: 0120 649 8877 – 0127 741 1452
Instagram: tag_pets_land_

Note to readers:

This listing has been compiled for your reference; however we recommend that any pet owner should conduct their own research and contact the boarding kennel to obtain full information on all facilities and services available.