summer gadgets

Take your summer up a notch or ten with a handful of some really good tech and handy gadgets, just like these that we have rounded up… summer gadgets

CAROL Exercise Bike

summer gadgetsThe first AI-powered exercise bike with the ultimate personalized workouts, it combines high-intensity training with an algorithm that learns your fitness level and creates a training regime. The bike is built on the idea that energetic bursts of exercise are effective at making you healthier, by pushing your body out of its comfort zone, improving heart health, lung capacity, fat-burning potential and more. If you’re serious about training, the bike plugs into the growing market of online classes, including Peloton Digital and Apple Fitness+.

30Harman Citation 200

Cue the music by simply saying ‘Hey Google’ then just sit back and relax while the Citation 200 streams music, podcasts and news in stunning high definition, powered by the cloud. The Citation 200 features AirPlay and Chromecast built-in™ for easy access to more than 300 music streaming services. The Harman Kardon Citation 200 is available in Winter Gray and Classic Black on summer gadgets

LARQ Purifying Water Bottle

summer gadgetsIf you are uneasy about having a re-usable water bottle, but equally, don’t want to add to the pile of plastic littering our planet, this one self-cleans and uses UV-C light to purify water of 99.99 per cent of its bacteria and viruses. Just charge it up once a month.

Build Your Own Telescope

summer gadgetsShort of ideas to keep the kids busy during summer? The Build Your Own Cardboard Telescope kit is a great way to get your young ones started at stargazing on a budget. Except for the lenses and mirror, the kit is made entirely out of sustainable cardboard and is designed to slot together with no glue. The end result is a 16x magnification 72cm telescope with a sliding tube to focus, a viewfinder and an angle finder. summer gadgets

Sage Fast Slow Multi-cooker

summer gadgetsWho feels like spending hours over a hot stove in summer? Not us, for sure. That’s why we love this Heston Blumenthal-designed creation. Part pressure cooker, part slow cooker, part robo-chef. Its sensors at both the top and bottom of the cooking chamber adjust the pressure, steam levels and heat to get the most out of all the individual ingredients you’re cooking in there. summer gadgets

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde

summer gadgetsThe latest version of Dyson’s Purifier Hot+Cool is kitted out with filters to tackle the particles invading our home’s air, including formaldehyde. It also has loads of sensors to provide insight into what’s generating the most pollution, like cooking, which makes the air quality ‘severe’, and it doubles as an effective fan or heater.

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