In the ongoing quest for perfect tresses, it is ever-so-easy to lose sight of the all-important basics. International hair and skin beauty consultant Samar Binzaeid gives us her top tips for hair care, just in time for party season.


Use a soft towel for wet hair, then replace it with another dry towel for 5 minutes. Leave your hair to dry in the open air before using a hair dryer or styling iron.

During summer, protect your hair from the rays of the sun by wearing a sun hat, and applying hair conditioner.

When using a protective serum, first comb your hair and dry it. When it has completely cooled down, apply the serum.

If you have dry, brittle hair: 1) Use a natural ingredient shampoo to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week; you can wash daily using only conditioner. 2) Keep an eye on your vitamin blood levels. Most important for hair are Vitamins D, C, serum ferritin, and Omega 3. 3) Trim your hair ends every one and a half months to get rid of split ends and to encourage hair growth.


Apply hair serum, cream or any substances before using a hair dryer, as this burns the hair shaft.

Use hairbrushes that don’t belong to you, as they might have old hair with chemical residues or dust, such as at hair salons. This affects hair badly.

Avoid lightening or dying your hair, or using chemicals on it before going to the beach, as your hair can burn from the sun, heat, and salt.

Don’t over-lighten your hair away from your natural color, and it is advisable to dye roots only when they turn grey once every month or two.

Stay away from any chemical treatments to straighten or curl hair.

Heat badly affects hair; any hair iron with more than 1800 watt can badly damage your hair.

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