Ramadan evenings

Ramadan is the time of the year where friends and families gather for the festive vibes of iftar, sohour, and everything in between. If you’re short of ideas to while away the hours before suhour; here are 4 fun ways to spend your Ramadan evenings.

By Ahmed Talal

Felucca Rides

What better way to have some quality time with family and friends than with the time-honored tradition of a felucca ride along the Nile, where you can forget about life’s worries while listening to music and gazing at the city skyline.Ramadan evenings

This all-round fun way of spending Ramadan evenings won’t break the bank, and what could be better than enjoying a couple of hours with some friends and family before a tasty suhoor when it’s past midnight?

Address: DokDok, Corniche El Nil, Opposite Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Garden City

Bubble Football

Bubble Football will be the highlight of this Ramadan as people can harmlessly crash into each other while respecting social distancing precautions. Players are encased in large body-size bubbles for a fun take on the much-loved game of football, but with a cool twist. It’s a great, fun way to bond during Ramadan.Ramadan evenings

Inexpensive and wildly entertaining, people have fun burning off a little bit of their iftar by kicking a football, bumping into one another (safely, while maintaining distancing guidelines), and rolling around.

All ages can join in on the fun as it’s an activity that will bring together family and friends for an adrenaline rush and a few laughs for half an hour.

Address: Km 28 Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Smart Village.

Reservation: 0121 005 5535

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding during Ramadan evenings alongside the Great Pyramids will add a special feel to this spiritual month. You can relax by enjoying a horseback riding experience in this majestic setting.Ramadan evenings

Enjoy the cool evening breeze, casual conversation with friends and family, and that special Ramadan evening vibe before diving into a delicious suhoor. What else could one ask for when it comes to some peace and calm this Ramadan?

Address: Gamal Abd el Nasser Street, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate

Reservation: 0106 507 0288

Facebook: F.B. Stables & KFB Stables Giza


Sandboarding has become quite a popular activity with families flocking to Fayoum and the Western Desert to ride the dunes. But why not sandboard during the cool Ramadan evenings as well?Ramadan evenings

Deserts won’t be too hot or too cold, the weather will be just right for learning this new skill. Evenings will be the perfect time to enjoy this activity, so change-up your Ramadan evening routine and try something different for a change.

Address: 14 Gaber Ibn Hayan, Street, Dokki

Reservation: 0102 828 0975 / 0111 133 0367

Facebook: Remal Adventures Egypt

Instagram: remalegypt

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