If you want to become successful

Success is hard work, discipline, risk-taking, and persistence. We’ve gathered up some info about the daily habits of the most successful people in every field. These simple habits could change your life!

By Mariam Elhamy

Habit #1 Rise and Shine

Get up early. When you wake up 2 or 3 hours before your actual day starts you can focus on doing more things you normally neglect like exercise, family time or just to plan your day. This will not only increase your productivity, but it will also make you more in control.

Habit #2  Do your Research

Not everyone is into reading but the more you know the better you’ll be prepared for anything. There’s always more to learn, room to grow and improve.

Habit #3 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Staying active not only helps refresh the blood circulation but also makes you feel better and be more confident.

Habit #4 Make Lists

Making lists of things you need to get done actually helps you be more productive with a goal to check off everything on your lists. It also helps you plan for the future.

Habit #5 Priorities

Learn to say no. Stay focused on your path and avoid distractions, whatever comes your way, if it doesn’t support your goals then push it down to the end of the list.

Habit #6 Get Inspired

Doing monotonous work or getting in a routine kills your creativity, affects your mood and overall performance. Know what inspires you and try to do it more often.

Habit #7 Take Risks

Fear of failure, of being blamed, of accountability, will drag you down and keep you stuck in one place. Don’t be afraid of change and keep trying new things every day. It is important to organize, plan, and set priorities, but without action, a plan is nothing.

If you want to become successful

Habit #8 The Circle

Be picky about who you choose to spend your time with. Keeping highly-motivated people in your circle will help you stay on track.

Habit #9 Time

Time is the most valuable resource you have so don’t waste it. Be picky about everything you choose to spend your time doing and make sure it will serve the future you.

Habit #10 Make Different Sources of Income

Don’t rely on one fixed income, have a couple of other sources from side-business or investments. This gives you a safety cushion for any unplanned downturns.

Habit #11 Networking

Successful people know the value of exchanging ideas with others through networking. Be open to collaboration and teamwork.

Habit #12 Write a Journal

Most people keep diaries for fun, or (as I do) to vent, a diary is much more important and useful than you might think. Write all your wishes and goals, even if they seem impossible.

You could also write down how you’re planning to achieve these goals and make a list of all the things you’re already grateful for in your life.

Habit #13 Unplug, Rewind

Use 10-15 mins of your day to switch off all your devices and reflect on your career, health and personal relationships. Having quiet time to analyze your thoughts reduces stress. Take a walk, meditate, digest the day and be ready for the upcoming one.

Habit #14 Confidence

Confidence is essential for having a positive mental attitude. It helps to improve your performance. Successful people believe in their abilities way before they get success. This level of confidence helps them get bigger targets in life with ease.


Habit #15 Never Give Up

Even if you stumble upon a few bumps on the road take your time and get back up. If you truly believe in something you’ll never give up on it.

If you want to become successful you simply need to focus on cultivating positive habits and take no more effort developing bad ones.

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