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We Interviewed 28 Celebrities This Year! Here’s Our 2019 Highlights

We're big on celebrities, and feature a new exclusive interview with the biggest names on the screen each month! Here are some of our...

Tamer Hosny: The Engine Behind The Money

An established mega star in the pop music world, Tamer has been steadily building his film career with precision in terms of the quality...
Hamaki Thrills a Huge Audience

Hamaki Thrills a Huge Audience

Last November, The Parking at Cairo Festival City Mall was the host to over 10,000 people who came from all over Cairo to sway...



Lexie’s at Lakeview

Lexie’s has carved its own niche on the local dining scene, not only for a buzzing vibe and edgy decor, but also for its...
Chicken & Ribs Restaurant

Chicken & Ribs in ICONIA, Zamalek

Chicken & Ribs, the successful southern comfort kitchen has now landed in Zamalek, in a spacious venue in the newly refurbished ICONIA building (formerly...
Boulevard at Capital Promenade

Boulevard at Capital Promenade

We all need a relaxing spot where we can get together with friends for a bite, or bring the family together for a leisurely...

Fashion & Beauty


Wear Your Skin! Not a Mask: Achieve an All-Natural Look with...

Makeup trends this year place individuality and character at the center of aesthetics, consider these 6 tips for your 2020 routine.

Keep It Local: Get These Fashionable Looks for 2020

There are plenty of local designers to keep us looking on trend throughout the winter with their latest fashion collections, and we've rounded up some of our favorites.

We Fell in Love With 9 Fashion Designers This Year! Here’s...

All year round we've been bringing you the latest trends and biggest icons in fashion, it's time we bring it all together and show...


Emotion Code

Sort Out Your Emotional Baggage with Emotion Code Clearing

How aware are we of the issues lurking beneath the surface of our psyches? Are the daily decisions that steer the course of our...

Tabibi: Kick-off 2020 on a Positive Health Note

Making New Year’s resolutions to get healthier? Let Tabibi help you with these 5 easy -to follow health goals! Goal 1:  Shut down Between work...

Digital Diet Solutions with Dr. Ahmed Noweir

For every diet plan that starts to trend there are as many excuses for not sticking to it. Too busy? No mentoring or support?...


HAUSER Live Performance in Somabay

After selling out arenas worldwide as one half of renowned duo 2CELLOS, Stjepan Hauser, now known simply as HAUSER, returns to his classical origins...
Moody Jones: An Egyptian Music Virtuoso with Global Reach

Moody Jones: An Egyptian Music Virtuoso with Global Reach

He’s worked with some of the biggest international recording artists like Iggy Azalea and Tyga, and last month he lit things up at Cairo...
Happy Birthday

In the Stars: Your January Horoscopes

Welcome to a new year, and a new decade. What should each sign be aiming for in 2020? Let’s take a look.

Home & Garden


10 Wallpaper Trends to Inspire you

Are You Well-Papered? Let’s face it. Bland can get a bit boring. And with 2020 celebrating a return to wallpaper in its new incarnation,...

Renovate and Set the Mood for 2020

Subtle, organic, mellow and slightly moody. Meet the color palettes that interior designers say will be defining our style throughout the coming year. Beige is...

7 Egyptian Designers at the 2019 Paris Design Week

One magical city, and a host of incredibly talented designers from France and points north south, east and west. All gathered to showcase their...