One of the best Asian restaurant near Alexandria Desert Road in Seasons Country Club.

Type of cuisine: A selection of the best of Asian cuisine; Japanese, Cantonese, Schezuan, Shanghai, Korean and Thai.

Mantra: Tasty food that comes from the heart of the chef.

Signature dishes: Sushi, Appetizer Platter, Deep Fried Chicken Bites with Honey Plum Sesame Sauce.

Dishes sampled: We had come armed with healthy appetites so quickly launched into a platter of addictively good appetizers: dainty vegetable spring rolls, chicken and beef sate, Thai shrimp rolls, and ‘money bags’, a tasty deep fried chicken and shrimp dumpling mixture encased in wafer-thin won-ton pastry.

Even though soup is not our usual choice in summer, we had to try the Red Curry Pumpkin soup, with no regrets at all. It was just spicy enough to give a kick, without overpowering the sublime flavor. We couldn’t miss out on sushi, or the Zentro ‘zushi‘ platter, and so we tucked away generous portions of Pink Lady Roll, with crab salad and salmon, and Red Fire Dragon rolls, spicy tuna and crisp-fried shrimp tempura. Accompanied by our favorites, salmon nigiri and mackerel nigiri, those super-fresh slivers of fish resting on small wedges of sushi rice, the combination was a winner.

Our main dishes of Deep Fried Chicken Bites with Honey Plum Sesame Sauce and King Prawn in Eggplant Cradles came with side portions of Mixed Fred Rice, Korean Cold Spicy Noodle Salad with Beef Strips and a powerful Thai Yellow Curry with Mixed Vegetables Portion sizes are generous, and even though we were sharing, we found ourselves challenged to clear the plates. Our own fault, we wanted to try everything, but next visit we will be a little wiser. The dishes were everything we anticipated, authentic cuisine with top quality ingredients. The Deep Fried Chicken Bites, however, will always be a top choice for us, totally scrumptious.

Other menu options that appealed: BBQ Beef Korean Style and Wao War Beef, Special Fried Noodles with Shrimp and Calamari (with home-made noodles) and dumplings, which come in vegetable, chicken and beef options, and can be either boiled, steamed or pan fried.

Décor: Simple, minimalist table settings with red and black accents. Super-comfortable seating on the terrace level.

Ambiance: Unbeatable. A very chilled-out mood, and who wouldn’t feel relaxed with a view of the Pyramids beyond the palm trees and lush gardens of Seasons Country Club.

Beverages available: A full range of juices and soft options in addition to a full bar.

Eat in/ Take-away/ Catering/Home delivery: Delivers to Cairo- Alex Desert Road and surrounding area. Catering options include a lot of additional dishes that can supplement the already comprehensive menu.

Top Tip: Even though the terrace creates a perfect setting, diners can have food served from the Zentro menu in the garden or other outlets in Seasons by request.

Clientele mix: Couples, groups of friends.

Price range: Moderate

Address: Seasons Country Club, KM 6 Cairo- Alexandria Desert Road

Opening hours:

Weekdays 5 pm- 12:30 am

Friday & Saturday 2 pm- 12:30 am

Tel:  010 261 108 826

Facebook page: zentrorestaurant