Summer’s gone and September is here. You may be ready with school supplies and school uniforms, but do you have a back-to-school health checklist for your child?

Here are Tabibi’s top 5 Items on your back-to-school health checklist.

An early visit to your pediatrician for a quick health checkup right before school will get you through the year. The main objective is prevention and early detection of possible problems.

  1. Go for a vision screening

Don’t wait for your child to tell you he can’t see from the back of his class and don’t just tell him to sit upfront. Be proactive and make a pre-school visit to check your child’s eyesight.

  1. Vaccinate

Don’t suffer the burden of treating your child’s preventable illnesses.Vaccination is one way to save time, money and school days lost.

Vaccination is critical: chickenpox, measles and influenza, and more. All equal school days lost. Check out the vaccination card and age  to make sure your child is protected.

  1. Keep germs and lice away

Children tend to forget and become careless. Reminder them why it’s important to wash hands after playtime. Also, why it’s important not to share combs, brushes, hats, and scarves.

  1. Stay consistent

Build a consistent schedule for bedtime and wake-up times.

Maintain a balance. Homework is a routine. But playtime is just as critical.

  1. Stay open

Friends talk more! Build a friendship with your child, quality time is important. Keep your ear and eyes open for signs of bullying or other concerns. Seek professional advice if needed.

These top tips will keep you ahead of possible health or wellness issues.

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