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Celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in these 25 Venues

Looking for a high-end and luxurious spot to kick back and enjoy Christmas lunch or dinner with top-notch entertainment? If a filling serving of...

5 Places for Beach Time & Kite Surfing in Ras Sudr

If you’re interested in a beach vacation with a difference, check out some of our options in Ras Sudr - a fantastic winter getaway...

The Ultimate 2019 Red Sea Real Estate & Hotel Guide

Where do we head for when the days get a little shorter, the temperatures ease to a comfortable level, and city life becomes a...

2019 Cairo School Guide: Make the Right Choice for Your Child

Enrollment time is coming up fast, and we’re here to help! Browse through our round-up of schools in Cairo to make the perfect choice...


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We Interviewed 28 Celebrities This Year! Here’s Our 2019 Highlights

We're big on celebrities, and feature a new exclusive interview with the biggest names on the screen each month! Here are some of our...

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