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Gouna Dreams

When young designer Yasmina Makram Founder of YM Studios set out to design a  beach home in El Gouna she used her skill-set to...


LET LOOSE THE JUICE  Slurp your way to fitness with a juice detox. (Yes, we said “with a juice detox”). By Lydia Schoonderbeek If you’re embarking...

El Nuba, Egypt’s Golden Land

By Maggie A. Balbaa In the very south of Aswan, right along the border with Sudan, lies a land of secrets; a land that bears...

Siren of Song Sherine

Siren of Song Sherine, Shares insight into her life, her love and her career By Francesca Sullivan & Shorouk Abbas   From her humble beginnings through the...


Hend Sabri

We Interviewed 28 Celebrities This Year! Here’s Our 2019 Highlights

We're big on celebrities, and feature a new exclusive interview with the biggest names on the screen each month! Here are some of our...

Lexie’s at Lakeview