Situated conveniently at the Holiday Inn CityStars, Simply Neon is anything but simple. Driven by a nostalgic itch for all that is 80s, we set out to this hot spot for a fun night of karaoke in Cairo. It would be a night of belting out our favorite guilty pleasure songs and trying out snazzy cocktails in the hopes of forgetting the embarrassment we were determined to make of ourselves. Head to Simply Neon for a restaurant close to Heliopolis for American food in Cairo.

Dishes Sampled

To kick-start the fun and work up the courage for our moment on stage, the dexterous bartender whipped us up a Long Island Ice Tea and an Electric Smurf with excellent showmanship, one we could only hope to match later when our turn came up on the mic. The Long Island was strong and sweet while the Electric Smurf lived up to its name with Blue Curaçao for the color and a generous dash of Bacardi for that ‘electric’ factor. We paired our cocktails with Chili Poppers and Spicy Buffalo Wings with creamy ranch for starters, and shared juicy Cheese Burger Sliders with a side of fries to seal the deal.

Other Menu Items that Appealed & Beverages Available

Other items from the tantalizing bar menu included loaded Nachos, Hot Dogs, Garlic Cheese Fries and more American classics that would all have to wait for another time. We kept our game sharp while scanning the 80s karaoke playlist for some premium tunes. A wide range of cocktails and mocktails are available, and the bartender will be glad to whip you up your usual drink if not found on the menu. The options are endless.

Décor & Ambience

Upon entering the hotel, our eyes were immediately caught by the neon-lit stairway, which surely enough, led us straight to our destination for the night. The unapologetically – rather than ‘Simply’ – neon-lit bar is spacious and setup with lounges, a dance floor, disco balls and a fully stocked neon bar. An 80s playlist gets the crowd excited and an MC pumps up the crowd pumped in between songs. Simply Neon is definitely the place to be if you’re looking to kick back with a few cocktails and bites while enjoying a high octane kick of nostalgia. If you’re looking for quiet drinks and conversation, this is not for you.

Clientele mix:  The crowd is mixed. Since Simply Neon is located in a hotel, groups of tourists are frequently found jamming to 80s pop and rock tracks. Groups of locals in their 30s and 40s were spotted too, out on a Wednesday for a good time. Everyone is eager to get on the microphone and there is always someone showing off singing skills.

Price Range: On the pricey side.

Contact Information
Opening Hours: 6 pm to 3 am
Address: Holiday Inn CityStars, Nasr City
Tel:  02 2480 3007
Facebook: Simply Neon