Saki Sushi Lounge in Heliopolis Towers Hotel

Saki Sushi Lounge in Heliopolis Towers Hotel


Set in the spacious lobby foyer of the chic Heliopolis hotel, this sushi lounge is a perfect spot for a quiet early dinner, no fuss, no frills. We caught wind of a new and improved menu, so we had to make a visit to check out what is on offer.

Type of cuisine: A concise and perfectly balanced menu of Japanese staples and favorites comprising of soups, salads, rolls, and sashimi.

New on the menu: The Sushi Pizza is an open roll that is shaped like a slice, piled with slices of salmon and tuna sashimi and capers. There are also two types of Sushi Sandwich – a large burrito shaped roll, cut in half. One is stuffed with crab, rice, red caviar, avocado, cabbage, and topped with spicy mayo, and the other features Katsu Chicken, cabbage, rice, and topped with wasabi mayo.

Dishes Sampled

Eager to get started on a sushi extravaganza, in addition to the new signature items, we ordered the Salmon Avocado Roll, Black Salmon Roll, Dragon Roll, Crispy California Roll, Spicy Tuna Temakai, and the Rainbow Roll.

Sushi spots in Cairo can be hit and miss, and often diners can be disappointed by a lack of quality or by the quality of sourcing key ingredients such as ripe avocado, however, everything we sampled at Saki was delicious and made with care. The fish is extremely fresh and tasty, and the sushi rice is cooked perfectly. Each roll was either topped or stuffed with avocado and crispy tempura prawns, some rolls were lightly fried in crispy panko crumb coating, and the sauces were not overdone. The Rainbow Roll is a standout item, topped plentifully with salmon, pickled radish, sea bass, tuna, and squid. The Spicy Tuna Temaki order comes with two nicely sized hand rolls, stuffed with tuna, rice, spicy mayo and cucumber. We were excited to sample the Black Salmon Roll as it promised salmon skin in the description, but unfortunately arrived with none – this type of ingredient is often overlooked in sushi spots we have visited, so it would be advantageous for Saki to include in their offerings.

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

On a return visit, we would definitely sample the soups and salads, in addition to Saki’s Crispy Panko Crusted Rolls.

Beverage options include soft drinks,juices, herbal teas, and coffee.

Décor & Ambience

Simple and contemporary, dimly lit with a soothing ambience. The lounge offers outdoor seating in the hotel foyer; the bubbling water fountain that serves as a centerpiece for the venue will provide a soothing sound backdrop.

Clientele mix: Out of town hotel guests, locals in search of an upscale quiet dinner.

Price range: Moderate considering the quality and hotel quality service.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 2 pm – 11 pm. Mondays off. All You Can Eat every Tuesday.

Address: Heliopolis Towers Hotel

El Saheed Sayed Zakaria Street

Tel: 02 22678485

Facebook: hiltonheliopolis