If you’re searching for a large and airy space for your next outing with friends and family, ONE OAK’s new branch in Majarrah aims to be one of the best restaurants in Sheikh Zayed and offers just the right atmosphere and menu for a variety of cravings. Boasting a large selection of appetizers, salads, grilled meats, poultry, seafood and sushi menus – there really is something for everyone at this Cairo food scene favorite.

New on the menu: Mix Satay, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Lobster Pasta, Japanese Cheesecake, Fried Banana Wrap, Maltesers & Twix Tart, and several new sushi items.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Signature dishes include the Fried Prawns Cocktail, The Skewers Family, The Black Stone Steak Grill, Gourmet Burgers, Lobster Pasta, and the sushi menu.

After whetting our appetite with the yummiest cinnamon and brown sugar butter and bread rolls, we explored the menu while snacking on delicious steamed edamame beans. We quickly selected and tucked into an array of starters; six hand-rolled dumplings stuffed with beef, chicken, shrimp and served with a trio of sauces: sesame oil, soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce; followed by a hearty Rocca salad packed with finely sliced arugula, mushroom, green apples, parmesan cheese, and topped with crunchy caramelized walnuts and black balsamic dressing: the perfect option for a light and healthy lunch.

Next came the 12-piece combo platter of signature ONE OAK sushi: two salmon nigiri, two shrimp nigiri, four crispy rolls, and four Philadelphia rolls. The sushi lives up to its reputation of being fresh and flavorful, and serves as a great as a starter to share between friends.

Our main courses swiftly arrived next, the Beef Teriyaki and the Sesame Ginger Salmon. The thinly sliced steak glazed with a savory teriyaki sauced and seared in sesame oil with green onions was beautifully presented and cooked perfectly to order. The meat was tender with a generous serving of sticky teriyaki sauce and was accompanied with a side of plain rice.

Similarly, the grilled salmon fillet was flakey and tender; marinated in sesame, ginger and lemongrass and served on a bed of asparagus and a side of chunky sautéed vegetables. The vegetable offered just the right amount of bite, and thankfully didn’t arrive soggy or overcooked.

To cap up a delightful meal, a shared portion of delicious chocolate cake with ice cream satisfied the sweet tooth craving along with a much-needed cappuccino.

Menu Options that Appealed & Beverage Options

The grilled meats section seemed tantalizing, along with the Thai Shrimp Coconut soup, Salmon Tartare salad, and the Japanese Cheesecake.

Beverages available include a large selection of soft drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, non-alcoholic cocktails, and hot beverages are available.

Decor & Ambience

This large space has an industrial feel with modern furnishings. Cast iron light fixtures throughout offer adequate lighting without being too harsh, and the music is pleasant and not intrusive. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a large breezy terrace for those hot summer nights, with an array of seating options for  different sized groups. The service on a weekday was impeccable and attentive.

Price range: Above average, but worth the money for the quality of food.

Contact Information

Opening Hours: 10 am to 2 am

Address: Majarrah, Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 16553

Facebook/Instagram: 1oakeg