Meaet’s Smoked Duck Breast Salad

Meaet’s Smoked Duck Breast Salad


Check out this super simple and scrumptious recipe for a smoked duck salad, courtesy of Meaet. Zesty, fresh and cool – just in time for summer!

20 g cherry tomatoes
30 g mixed greens
60 g Lolla Rossa and Oakleaf lettuce
20 g arugula
25 g roasted red capsicum
60 g lemon vinaigrette dressing
5 g balsamic reduction
2 g orange zest


Toss all greens in a deep bowl with half of lemon vinaigrette dressing. Then add the arugula, red capsicum, and orange zest. Arrange your smoked duck breast on the bed of greens and drizzle with remaining lemon vinaigrette dressing and finish off with a balsamic reduction.