Injy El Mokkaddem: Mariam in Ras El Sana

Injy El Mokkaddem: Mariam in Ras El SanaThe role of Mariam in Ras El Sanna is none other than realistic. Real life is not picture-perfect, folks. Read the full conversation we had with actress Injy Mokkaddem for her take on Ras El Sanna.

CWM: Tell us about your character.

Mariam is a married woman; she and her husband Hassan appear to be the perfect couple with a young boy. They’re filthy rich, but not everything is as it seems – there is a coldness between them, and the audience won’t know until the end of the film what is wrong with the perfect picture.Injy El Mokkaddem: Mariam in Ras El Sana

What do you hope audiences take away from the movie?

I believe this script and movie make it clear that no matter who we are, we’re all the same in terms of our weaknesses, faults, and the motives that drive us are the same regardless of social differences. Despite a huge gap between the various socio-economic classes, we’re all human beings with common weaknesses and struggles.

Any personal goals or resolutions you wish to accomplish in 2019?

I’ve been working on my inner peace for a while and wish to continue in 2019, I don’t want to be affected as much by external factors. I want everything to come from within and to continue working on my inner stability and strength.