In the Stars: Your June Horoscopes

In the Stars: Your June Horoscopes


By Maeri Frances

Are you an action hero or a couch potato? There is a sport for everyone, read on…

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.


Anything high energy with a competitive edge appeals to Aries. Think along the lines of boxing, Formula One racing, MMA, trail biking and anything that pumps adrenalin and shows everyone who’s boss.


Taurus is known for physical strength and exceptional stamina, so consider bodybuilding, weightlifting and endurance training. You are equally happy chilling with some good music on the dance floor.

Gemini: Agile Gemini has a low boredom threshold, so switch from one activity to another whenever possible. Anything that requires flexibility and dexterity is a hit with you, so why not try gymnastics, skiing, or tennis.


Water sign Cancer is a natural when it comes to hitting the waves. You are not really competitive, and can be quite happy with your own company, in the midst of nature. Have a go at windsurfing, canoeing, sailing or scuba diving.


Leo loves to be in the spotlight, so anything that you can excel at is just right for you. Fitness training and body sculpting appeal, and your natural courage can attract you to cliff climbing, bungee jumping and other scary stuff.


Picky Virgo doesn’t really like working up a sweat, so anything you can tackle at your own pace works for you. If there is added value in terms of health benefits you can put in the effort, so hiking, swimming and yoga should be just fine.


Airy Libra needs to find activities that appeal to a desire for balance, romance and adventure. Parasailing, gliding, canoeing and gymnastics could be perfect, as well as gym activities that keep you toned and in shape.


You love to challenge yourself as much as competing against others. Your nerves of steel can be an asset in sports like white-water rafting, skydiving, fencing, rally driving and mountaineering.


The sign of the Archer, it seems that your keen eye and steady hand makes you a natural for archery, clay pigeon shooting and anything with a target. You often have a natural affinity with horses, so anything equestrian could become a passion.


When it comes to persistence and determination it is hard to beat a Capricorn. Marathon running, long distance trekking, mountaineering and anything that takes place outdoors are a good fit.


Aquarius enjoys the social aspect of sport, and is also attracted to freedom and the air around them. Go for parasailing, flying, ballooning, and sand-boarding for maximum thrills.


Water-babe Pisces is happiest when near the sea. Swimming, diving, lounging by a swimming pool with a cool drink, it is all good as far as you are concerned. Speedboats hold a certain charm for you, so put one on your wish list.

Our monthly horoscopes are brought to you by Maeri Frances, a consulting astrologer with over 30 years’ experience. Exclusive to our publications, we brings tips for each Sun sign on how to avoid the pitfalls and ride the highs of each month.