Horoscopes: What The Summer Holds For You!

Horoscopes: What The Summer Holds For You!


By Maeri Frances

‘Tis the season… for eclipses! But don’t let a few little rumblings in the heavens spoil what should be a great summer. We take a peek at what could be in store.

P.S. Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well if you know it.


Happy Birthday, Cancer & Leo!                                        


Summer focus:  Stay calm and boogie on!

With a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in your birth sign during July you need to be ready for anything, especially where relationships are concerned. Things that have been brewing may erupt, or something you had not been expecting may loom up in your life. It’s not all negative; the sweetener comes with a lovely Venus transit through your sign. Love is all around and you should be looking great!


Summer focus: Let the good times roll.

You aren’t known as the world’s greatest party animal for no reason. Whether you are throwing a bash, or just a guest, you will be the life and soul of whatever is going on. Who would guess that there is something you are keeping a little bit secret? Romance is there, but not for all to see. Be discreet, after all, it is nobody’s business but yours (and that special someone).


Summer focus: Decisions, decisions.

Torn between home and family, and career responsibilities? If you try to please everyone you may end up with nothing but burned out dreams and a sense of frustration. The trick lies in finding the right balance this summer, or just heading off to where all those Leos are partying. From the 28th of July the pressure eases up a bit. Whew!


Summer focus: Relax, then relax some more…

Oh, you do love to be beside the seaside, don’t you? The only hassle is the to and fro, in streams of traffic. But, even that may be bearable when your reward comes as a comfortable lounger and a cool drink. Communication is important this July, chat with neighbours, fellow vacationers, your kid’s friends. August promises more family time. It’s all good.

Gemini: Summer focus: Where did all that money go?

Creative and resourceful as you are, it is hard to do everything that you had planned for an action-packed summer when the cash isn’t there. Your usual bail-out sources seem to be a bit dry, so it may be a case of back to the drawing board to see how you can trim and make ends meet.  By August it should all have fallen into place. Well, at least enough to work, somehow.


Summer Focus: What is life without friends?

So, workaholic. Summer is here and you may be obliged to actually take a vacation, “umm…”, you say. That means actually connecting with people, kicking back, having a few laughs. Tough, we understand, but really, you may lose the few people who really care about you if you don’t at least make an effort.  Give it a go in July for a start.


Summer Focus: Gimme a break!

After what feels like a Game of Thrones winter you are long overdue for a truly hedonistic holiday somewhere nice. Problem is, everyone else has the same idea so who’s going to be minding the shop? You may need to sacrifice a little and cut down on vacation time, just to be fair to colleagues. August should be your reward time.


Summer focus: Home is where the heart is.

Of course you want to head out of town. You’ve earned it. All those long hours you’ve been putting in, (and not just at the gym). Although things should be idyllic when you reach your destination, actually getting there may be fraught with frustrations. Visa? Missed flights? Overbooked resorts? Don’t knock the benefits of staying closer to home, enjoy having the city all to yourself. Sort of.


Summer focus: Why, why, why?

Yes. It’s still all about juggling finances. Will it never end? After coming up with amazing ways to blow cash and energy this summer with all of your buddies, the pennies just don’t add up to much. You tried, but those pesky eclipses in July will probably blitz what little you had scraped together. But, as they say “The best things in life are free”.


Summer focus: Eclipses, again?

Everybody knows that Capricorn is resilient, patient, hardworking and practical. So if you curl up into a ball and start screaming when this July throws a few curve balls, friends and family may be taken aback.  How could you, you are their rock, their port in the storm? For once, embrace your soft inner core and work on healing and nurturing yourself. You deserve it.


Summer focus: Health and renewal

We all know about burning the candle at both ends, but Aquarius knows how to burn it from the middle as well. Slow down! If you don’t do it willingly, circumstances may force you to. Take advantage of sea, sand and fresh air to bond with nature. Throw away your tech, your shoes… your neuroses. Ok, so you can keep the dog. July is for you, so you can come to life and socialize again in August.


Summer focus: What is life without love?

Eternally young, idealistic, inspirational… that’s you! And when your heart falls for someone, it falls hard. This summer seems geared for romance, even if your friends are throwing cold water on your starry-eyed bliss. Even old married couples may find circumstances bringing them closer than they have been for years. July has some challenges, but August should see you fit and brimming over with vitality.

Our monthly horoscopes are brought to you by Maeri Frances, a consulting astrologer with over 30 years’ experience. Exclusive to our publications, we brings tips for each Sun sign on how to avoid the pitfalls and ride the highs of each month.