El Gouna Film Festival’s Third Edition was highly anticipated in terms of art and fashion, and it definitely did not disappoint in terms of the latter! The stars took risks with fashion, and in return this year witnessed some show-stopping trends; feathered gowns, dramatic layers, and pink as a power color! From emerging trends to the standout pieces, we kept an eye on all the outstanding outfits and extravagant looks worn by the ladies and gents, here’s the top trends we noticed on the carpet!

Fun with Feathers

‘Over-the-top, eye-grabbing, larger than life’ is what pops in your head when you see these looks, and that’s the kind of statement these ladies were going for with their dresses.

Pink Power

Forget the red carpet … These celebs turned it into a pink carpet. This bright, bold shade reigned on the red carpet this year.

Royal Fashion

The stunning gown inspired by the royals! These over the top princess gowns are an all-time-favorite on the red carpet.

Wearing the Pants

Comfy chic is the gift that keeps on giving, and its latest incarnation is as unexpected as it is stylish. These ladies opted for a bold look with flare.

Major Slits

These high-slit dresses added the Hollywood glamour touch to the red carpet.

Twirl and Swirl

Flattering and feminine. These flowy dresses added something exciting, yet delicate to these looks.

Angelic White

Dreamy, angelic and classic. Not a single look is disappointing and that makes it hard to choose a top look.

Golden Statue

Gilded gowns or mermaid silhouettes, the shimmering, rich-looking shade has made several appearances across the red carpet this year.

Sequins Sensation

Sparkle and shine were all over the carpet this season proving that this trend still correlates with any star-studded event.

Dapper Gents – and ladies!

The stars suited up! These gentlemen showed us some serious dapper style, but they weren’t alone. Some of the ladies opted for suits or Comme des Garçons inspired outfits in lieu of dresses and put their own spin on the look.

Jewel Tones

Whether it’s a simple cut or dramatic layers, these tones left us star-struck!

Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles!

Edgy, fun and feminine; these are the words that describe the vibe of ruffle-clad stars.

Playful Prints

Vibrant prints were all over in the red carpet in a variety of fun styles, making it a festive event.

Red Hot

A red carpet veteran, and still one of the much loved styles.

Back in Black

Whether it was an LBD or an all-sequin gown, the color of elegance and sophistication was eminently present on this year’s red carpet.

Fantastic Fringe

Fringe-y pieces are hands-down one of our favorite fashion looks. These dresses were a win on the red carpet.

Rich in Burgundy

Proving once and for all that less is more, this season saw attendees embracing plenty of different fabrics in this color.

Dramatic Florals

These dramatic floral sleeves added a fun twist to modern gowns.

Lavender Tones

Quite a few looks featured shades from the lavender family.