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Feng Shui Basics

Harmonizing your personal space

by Hilary Diack

Used in the Far East for centuries as a tool for bringing positive energy into the home, garden and workplace, CWM brings you some handy Feng (wind) Shui (water) tips. From multinational companies to celebrities and trendy interior designers Feng Shui has taken much of the world by storm. It can be hard to know where to start, so lets make things easy.

First Step:

Identify the Compass Directions

If you do not have a compass check your original home engineering plans, the North point will be shown. Mark out the directions on a floor plan of your house, covering North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West and North West. This should start from as close to the center as possible. Use the same calculation for each room.

Harmonizing your personal space:


The main door to your home is the entry point of much of the energy, if the family use a side door or another entry point on a regular basis it should be treated with the same guidelines.

 Keep the area outside your front door well lit, door knobs should be gleaming and shiny, and your door free of dust and cobwebs. If your main door faces East, South East or South a healthy plant will attract positive energy.

 A solid wooden door is more auspicious than one with glass panels.

 If you approach your front door through a garden a water feature in the South East or North can bring good income opportunities.

A word of warning! Water should flow towards the house, not away from it and it should not be on the right hand side of your door as you are looking outwards.

 Be careful not to place a mirror facing the main door, this will bounce all the energy straight out again.

 Your main door should also not open to directly face a bathroom door.

 Don’t let the area inside the front door become a dumping ground for bags, sports equipment and shoes, keep it clear and welcoming.

 Many homes have a guest bathroom near the main entrance. Keep the toilet seat down and door closed to avoid negative energy.

Feel your space



 Chi (energy flow) cannot move around a space that is dark, musty and lacking fresh air, you should try to open all windows for at least an hour or two each day, and curtains should be easy to clean on a regular basis. A light weight inner curtain should be enough to cut out any harsh sunlight during the daytime hours.

 If your budget does not stretch to splurging on new furniture items freshen upholstery with a good professional cleaning, or have favourite pieces re- upholstered. (See our color guide).

 Replace blown light bulbs immediately.

 Dripping taps represent a seeping of income, apart from being an irritation to listen to. Get the plumber in!

 If you have a staircase leading to a second level it should not be situated too close to the front door. It may be difficult to change this, judicious placement of a screen or large plant as you enter the lobby area can help.

Your Living Room

Your living space is usually the hub of family activity, and the place where guests are received. You can inject warmth and cosiness through your choice of rugs, artwork, accessories and cushions. Remember not to overwhelm your space with too much elaborate furniture, there must be freedom to move easily around the room.


 Arrange your main seating in a square or U shape layout facing the centre of the room in order to stimulate interaction and conversation. Don’t have a sofa with its back facing the entrance to the room, nor with a window behind it.

• Do not let your television be a centrepiece, hide it inside a cabinet.

• Use plants to keep the room fresh and bright, the East, South East and South parts of the room are most auspicious.

• A goldfish bowl or aquarium in the South East will activate your wealth potential, use a combination of eight gold and one black, or two gold and one black.

• You can use a water feature, in the North it will help your career and income, in the East it assists with health, in the South East it boosts good luck and general abundance.

• Ambient lighting of different levels in corners can keep darker unused areas from becoming stagnant, candles are a wonderful source of light in the evening and bring great chi to a room. They work best in the centre of the room, or in the South West if you are trying to bring a little romance into the atmosphere.

• Wooden parquet flooring is ideal for the living area, it encourages a smooth flow of energy.

• If you like the warmth of a fire for winter months it should be located in the South or Southwest of the room.

Dining room

• Allow sufficient space around the table for everyone to sit comfortably. Wooden table tops are preferable to glass.

• A large mirror placed at a height to reflect the food on the table multiplies your blessings.

Time for bed

Your bedroom should be a haven of peace, a place to recharge your batteries at the end of the day. Colours should be calming and soothing, this is not a place to make your most vibrant design statements


• Your bed should have a supportive bedhead and should not be situated under a window. Iron and metal bedheads tend to collect electro- magnetic currents, try to go for wood or natural fabric.

• Try to avoid placing your bed against a wall that has a bathroom on the other side.

• Ideally you should be able to see the door when lying in bed, but do not have it directly facing the foot of the bed.

• Any mirrors in the bedroom should not be visible from the bed, they will disturb sleep and in traditional feng shui for couples represent a third party interfering in a relationship.

• Avoid images of water in your bedroom. Of course, water beds are out of the question!

• Televisions and computers have no place in the bedroom, if your kids use their rooms as a study as well as a sleeping space make sure you keep all electronic items as far as possible from the bed. They should be covered when not in use or in a built in cabinet.

• If a child has a tendency to being a bit hyper try to avoid bright red, yellow and orange and hectic wall decoration in the bedroom. Going for calmer blues and greens will tone the energy levels down.

• On the other hand, if you child has trouble tackling homework, a splash of yellow in the study area should stimulate mental activity.

Color Tips

• North (water) – black, dark blue. Also helped by white, grey and silver.

• North East (earth) – brown, beige, terracotta and yellow. Also helped by red, orange and pink.

• East (wood) – green. Helped by blue.

• South East (wood) – green. Helped by blue, purple.

• South (fire) – red, orange, bright yellow. Helped by green.

• South West (earth) – brown, beige, terracotta and yellow. Also helped by red, orange and pink.

• West (metal) – white, grey silver, gold metallic. Helped by brown, beige, terracotta and yellow.

• North West (metal) – white, grey silver, gold metallic. Helped by brown, beige, terracotta and yellow.

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