by Manal Abbas

Perhaps the only downside to Sa7el is the distance it puts between you and your personal fitness. But why not head straight to the shore to work on your beach body? In honor of sunny days and warmer temperatures, now’s the perfect time to say “so long!” to the weight room and take things outside!

Check out these fitness trainers available throughout Sa7el this summer and take your workout to a whole new level!

Beach Yoga with Nina Kabbany

The founder of ZEN.K Studio offers a beach studio to motivate and inspire students to connect with their inner self. Nina is a twice-certified yoga teacher from Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand. Her desire is to share the glory of yoga with those who have not experienced the beauty of total relaxation and healing, and to explore their potential through the power of yoga.

Classes offered include Healing Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Vikasa Yoga and Power Vinyasa. Available in Ghazala Bay and Splash Beach.

F3’S Power Duo: Brothers Mahmoud and Mohamed Zakaria

When it comes to Sa7el, your convenience is Fight Fitness Factory’s priority! Book your private or group sessions whenever you want, wherever you need it. Mahmoud Zakaria and Mohamed Zakaria have fighting experience exceeding 15 years and have been personal trainers for about 6 years. Mahmoud is an Egyptian National Champion in Kung Fu and Kickboxing as well as a certified Boxercise® and kickboxing instructor. Mohamed is a certified Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as well as a certified Boxercise® instructor and TRX instructor from Suspension Training Facts Academy.

Classes offered include fighting, kickboxing, Muay Thai and general fitness sessions including full body workouts, functional training and conditional training. Available throughout Sa7el by appointment.

LA7 Fitness with Sherif Bendary

The TWC head coach and founder is also a kickboxing world champion. Kickboxing is one of the best high-intensity workouts to get your blood pumping and your heart racing, as well as reduce stress and release negative energy. Just imagine what kickboxing by the beach can do to both your mind and body!

Classes offered include kickboxing and functional training classes and are available at Seashell Playa in partnership with LA7.

Pilates & Ballet Divas Sammer Ekladious and Aliaa Sallam

Both are vehement ballerinas since childhood and proud co-owners of LifeUP Egypt. Originally an HR specialist and economist, Sammer is a certified ballet instructor from the New York Ballet Academy and a certified Pilates instructor from Stott Pilates in Canada. Despite quitting ballet for some years, Aliaa regained her muscle strength and flexibility as an adult through passion and perseverance and returned to the stage as well as pursuing a career as a ballet instructor.

Classes offered include ballet for both adults and juniors, and Pilates and are operating at Ghazala Bay.

Jack of All Trades Hany Emam

Hany Emam is a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Nutritionist, and Elite Trainer I with the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). He is also a specialist in Exercise Therapy, Aqua Fitness Master Trainer, and Spinning®, RealRyder, BODYPUMP™, TRX®, Rip60™, and Boxercise® Instructor.

Classes offered include TRX, Boxercise, Aqua Cycling and Indoor Cycling, available at Hacienda Bay and La Vista.

Zen & Strength with Nanice El-Gammal

Nanice is a certified yoga teacher, as well as a strength and conditioning coach who stresses the philosophy of strength, flexibility and mindfulness. She is also an Opex Fitness associate coach and Old Country Iron Club kettlebell trainer.

Classes offered include Hatha Yoga. Available at Hacienda, Bianchi and Seacode.




Mohamed Zakaria & Mahmoud Zakaria

Tel: 0128 050 1070

Instagram: @mahmod_zak |


Sammer Ekladious & Aliaa Sallam

Tel: 0128 440 4356

Facebook/Instagram: @LifeUPEgypt

Instagram: @SammerEkladious


Nanice El-Gammal

Tel: 0101 784 7771

Instagram: @yogicstrength


Hany Emam

Tel: 0122 232 4675



Nina Kabbany

Tel: 0106 938 3530
Instagram: @zen.kstudio


Sherif Bendary

Instagram: @trainwiththechampionseg

Email: [email protected]