4 Challenging Sports to Try in Cairo

4 Challenging Sports to Try in Cairo


Getting a bit bored with your workout routine and hobbies? Maybe it’s time to try something different.


Although archery is said to go back to the Stone Age in approximately 20,000BC, the earliest people known to have used bows and arrows were the Ancient Egyptians, who took up archery around 3,000BC for hunting and warfare. A sport demanding great concentration, archery improves your focus, hand-eye coordination, and improves your upper strength.

Equestrian Endurance Egypt

Like many equestrian sports, endurance riding has its roots in the training of military horses. They were often required to travel long distances over highly varied and hazardous terrain, and the hardy Arabian horse adapted to desert work. Endurance riding takes a lot of effort and training to build up stamina, and needs an experienced horse and rider in terms of physical ability and judgment.


Swordsmanship has been around for centuries, and historical references date fencing schools back to the 12th century. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the Italian school of fencing of the Renaissance era was refined by the French school. Fencing is a great way to increase flexibility as it requires the use of a wide range of motion to respond and deflect opposing attacks. The core, arms, and legs all get an extensive workout as well as being a great way to burn calories and build up endurance.


Parkour has borrowed a lot from military obstacle course training. It takes skills, fitness and training to get from Point A to Point B, navigating obstacles and tough terrain as quickly and efficiently as possible with no equipment to help you. Like many other high impact sports, Parkour helps develop bone strength. Both the lower body and upper body are involved in high impact movements, building stronger bones from the impact they endure.



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