We Talked to Over 15 Health Specialists This Year! Here’s Our 2018...

We Talked to Over 15 Health Specialists This Year! Here’s Our 2018 Highlights


We rounded up some of our most useful 2018 health articles with helpful tips to start the new year right! Feed your mind with this useful information and stay tuned for more useful articles like these in 2019!

boosting your immunity in winter

Protect yourself with these 6 tips for boosting your immune system during the cold months of winter. Better safe than sorry!

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5 Shared fitness activities for couples

Last February, we collected 5 activities for couples to have fun in the great outdoors and get in a little exercise as a couple. Need some inspiration?

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6 POSTPARTUM care tips

Just had a baby and experiencing some baby blues? Check out these great tips from our friends at Tabibi 24/7, a popular article from our 2018 archive.

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8 Steps to Help You Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Smoking can kill you, and that’s a fact! That’s why this article offers some basic and essentials steps to help readers kick the habit and make sure there is no going back!

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8 tips for fueling the body in ramadan

It’s so hard not to overeat in Ramadan, especially when you’ve been fasting all day and crave fatty and filling food. Check out our popular Ramadan article for how to eat healthy and responsibly during the holy month.

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25 healthy alternatives and tips to beat summer junk food 

Summer time is junk food season; and with all the snacking in-between meals, on the beach, or late at night – weight gain in a big risk! Check out the information-packed guide on how to swap the junk with easy, yummy and healthy alternatives.

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the keto diet

We’re big on trends and we noticed a lot of talk about the Keto diet this year, so we got all the details from the experts! Learn whether the Keto diet is good for you, when and how to start doing it in a healthy and responsible way.

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7 sustainable swaps for an eco-friendlier you!

Caring for the environment is a must, and we’re always wondering how we can be more eco-friendly. Feel like making some small, but effective changes in your daily routine? Check out these recommendations for how to become more eco-friendly with these simple, easy, cheap and healthier swaps.

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Men’s hair loss: indications and treatments

For our annual men’s issue, we delved deep into the issue of men’s hair loss with two leading consultants. Learn about the symptoms and the right treatments for excessive hair loss from the experts!

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