11 Things to Know About Huda El Mufti

11 Things to Know About Huda El Mufti


Ramadan always brings a host of exciting new faces to our screens, rising star Huda El Mufti will join them this year in the eagerly awaited series, Bani Youssef. Joining Yousra, Mohamed Shahin, Shereen Reda and Naglaa Badr amongst others, El Mufti will be following up on her recent role in Like Yesterday, with Rania Youssef and Khaled Anwar. Expect to see a lot more of her!

CWM: Beauty, fashion, modelling and now film. Huda, can you tell us how it all happened?

HM: I don’t know, it all happened by luck. I started to model four years ago then got into acting a year ago. I hope it works.

Who has been your mentor throughout?

No one, only me. I plan everything myself, then work on those plans by myself.

What are you working on at present?

I have just finished Ka2eno Embreh (Like Yesterday). I have also recently been kept busy working on a new series for Ramadan called Bani Youssef, with mega-star Yousra.

What is your standout memory from last year?

When they called me for Haza El Masa2.

And what is on your bucket list for this year?



On repeat on your playlist?


Favorite app?


Favorite fashion icon?

Vanessa Hudgens

Best beauty tip?

Water, water, water.

Dream vacation spot?


Always in your bag?

Hair brush