10 Best Yoga Places

10 Best Yoga Places

Check out our list of the 10 best yoga spots all around town.



Body Fit Egypt
insta: @fit.inst.tr.eg
FB: Fitness Instructors & Trainers in Egypt

The Breathing room
insta: @thebreathingroomcairo
FB: The Breathing Room

Mandala Yoga
insta: @mandalacairo
FB: Mandala Yoga Retreats

On the Mat
insta: @on_the_mat_studio
FB: On The Mat Studio

Osana Family
insta: @osanawellness
FB: Osana Wellness Center

Nun Center
insta: @nuncenter
FB: Nun Center

Ashtanga Yoga
insta: @ashtang_yoga_center
FB: Ashtanga Yoga Cairo

Shanti Yoga
insta: @shantiyogacairo
FB: Shanti Yoga Cairo

insta: @mentracise
FB: Mentracise