Saving Money & Resources by Breathing New Life into the Old

Saving Money & Resources by Breathing New Life into the Old   The up-cycling trend is catching on fast; with local designers like Reform, Gazwareen,...


Your Totally Personalised Weight Control Solution at Bloom Near the top of everyone’s wish list must be a scientific and reliable way of staying in...

Understanding Allergies in Children

Allergies and asthma, which typically start in childhood, are the most common chronic diseases among children, but what is an allergy? An allergy is...


El Kenz Revealed

Abbas Aboul Hassan Speaks Introspectively on Film and the Art of Living a Good Life                   Actor, scriptwriter, designer, man of many facets and considerable...

Ahmed Mekki

Multi-Faceted and Multi-Talented By Francesca Sullivan and Hana Nassar Just by stepping inside Ahmed Mekky's Giza office you get an immediate sense of what makes this...

In Conversation with Asser Yassin

From Playing a Psychiatrist to Writing his Own Scripts   By Francesca Sullivan Viewers of the highly original and shocking psychological drama Thirty Days that gripped...

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Stunning Style in Sahel

Located on the North coast, MS Residence was created to re-interpret the essence of the Mediterranean beach life within a home. The heart of...

Your Little Corner of Paradise

With such inviting weather, and the prospect of long Ramadan nights, it’s time to create an idyllic outdoor ambiance where you can relax in...

Lush Design House

A New Concept by Bordeaux - Now in Kattameya Heights     Lush design house opened its showroom last March at the Kattameya Heights Business Center. The company...



The Lebanese Diner


AEON Restaurant